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[SKA ICON] So, you might ask yourself:
At one time, the next three listings contained links to a HTML "enabled" version of the Ska FAQ. Unfortunately that site has gone away, but thankfully you can find the same information in this more static version of the Ska FAQ.
  • Just what the hell is Ska anyway? (Part 1, section 1.3)
  • Are there really that many Ska bands out there? (Part 3, section 3.3)
  • Okay, you've piqued my interest. Can you recommend some good Ska albums for someone who has absolutely no clue about Ska? (Part 2, section 2.11)
  • That's great. Now who went to all the trouble to put this page together in the first place?

  • [SKA ICON] There are also some articles on Ska out there:
  • Read This Essay Ska-Newbies!
    An essay by Brian Rosenthal ( taken from the skagroup mailing list
  • Ska-boom! The incredible persistence of the Two Tone sound
    From the Boston Phoenix
  • [The Ska Line]

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